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About Us

05/06/2017 6:06 AM

Small SEO Tools is a website that provides free SEO tools to help you improve your website's ranking in search results. We offer a variety of tools, including:

  • Domain name search: Find available domain names and check ownership information.
  • Backlink checker: See how many backlinks your website has and where they are coming from.
  • Keyword rank checker: Track your website's ranking for specific keywords.
  • Website speed test: See how fast your website loads.
  • Plagiarism checker: Check your content for plagiarism.

We believe that everyone should have access to the tools they need to improve their website's SEO, regardless of their budget. That's why we offer all of our tools for free.

In addition to our free tools, we also offer a premium membership that gives you access to additional features, such as:

  • Unlimited use of all tools
  • Daily keyword rank tracking
  • Competitor analysis
  • White label reports

We are committed to providing our users with the best possible SEO tools and resources. We are constantly adding new tools and features, and we are always working to improve our existing tools.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.