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In SEO industry backlink is one of the very important factor for ranking websites. Either a backlink is created from a who is site, forum site, social bookmarking site or any blogs, all of their type are important as ranking signals. The more diversed the backlinks the more good health your site will have in the eye of Google. If you have got a new website and it's taking longer for indexing your website. You can definately use this free backlink generator tool to create some backlinks. This will help your website to get indexed fast.

What kind of Backlinks are good for websites?

Well as per research by popular SEO companies various types of backlink are useful for your website. If a website which also blogs about your niche is giving you a link back then this will count as precious backlink. We can achieve this kind of backlinks by either contacting the website owner and asking him to share something useful that you published on your blog with his visitors. Also we hear a lot of talk and gossips regarding Link Wheel and Link Pyramid. PBN are popular these days among search engine experts to rank their website in short period of time.

You can also build backlinks from forums which are related in your niche by participating on the discussion. You can also create some ebook on your niche and upload it to some free document hosting websites giving a link back to your website. Link directories are low practice these days, but you can also submit your website link to some link directories with high Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Commenting is one of the popular method to grab backlinks. You can create a google alert for your niche keyword so you can receive an email from google if some one blogs or posts about your niche. Then you can visit their website and post a geniune comment with a link back to your website.

Basically, Backlinks means the incoming hyperlinks to your page from another page or site. Either a backlink is created from a whois, forum, social bookmark site or any blogs or websites, all of their type are important for better ranking in search engines. The more diverse backlinks you have, the more good health you will have in the eye of search engines. Its really a tough and takes long time to index a new website in search engines. You can use our free backlink generator tool to create some backlinks which will help your site to be indexed fast. You need to enter the domain name of your site in the box above and press submit button. Rest is automatically done out by our tool.

There are a lot of competitors in your niche. If you get a link back from such same niche sites then they are considered as precious backlink. We can achieve it either by contacting the owner of website or asking them to share your link about similar post with their audience. PBN also has been popular among webmasters and search engine rankers to rank their site in short time period.

Another popular idea of generating backlinks is actively participating on forums related to your niche. You can make a discussion and post a link back to your website. Be sure you are not spamming or violating the policy, terms and condition set by forums owner. In addition you can create and market a free e-book that will link back to your site. You can also submit your website link to some link directories with high Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Backlinks are heart of SEO. With precious backlinks, your site will be indexed faster in search engines. Several SEO services ask for payment to provide backlinks but we are offering it up to you for free. Our free backlink generator tool will definitely give several quality backlinks for your website.

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